back-painPain in Lower Back is a very broad term for a multitude of problems. Diagnoses such as slipped disc, facet joint sprain, weak core, sacroiliac up/down slip, in flare or out flare are very common. Many chronic conditions described as these improve significantly with good orthotics. Commonly uneven or excessive forces are placed upon the hips which arise from faulty foot posture or real leg length differences. If your back pain gets worse with standing or gets relief by stretching tight hip muscles ( iliopsoas, piriformis, glute medius) then long term alignment from orthotics will help lower back pain. A rehabilitation guideline would also be prescribed to restore normal muscle balance.

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Your feet and ankles act as your natural shock absorbers. When functioning properly, the arch of your foot will soften the impact of walking and running. Over strenuous activities or accidents can lead to ankle, knee and lower back pain making it unbearable to walk or run. If you suffer from flat feet or high arches, the result is either too much or too little shock absorption. If you are over compensating for an injury, you apply more pressure than expected in an area that can then become injured and cause more damage.The right foot support can help you get back in shape faster.