Plantar Fasciitis – Pain in my feet

It’s cold; I’m tired. Today is about to start the same as every other day. I can hear the alarm, and I know I have to get up. I don’t want to get up, but I know I have to get up. I also see vividly in my mind the pain I am about to feel. It’s always there, that knife like cut from toe to heel, as soon as my feet touch the floor.

I have no other choice. It has to happen. I have to get up. Maybe if I just take my time and stretch a bit before I get out of bed. Perhaps if I just stand on my tippy toes, the pain won’t appear. Maybe I need to do something about this. I just don’t want this to be the way that I start my day, every day.

Google will help, I can self diagnose, Google has the answer. I’ll just lay here a few more minutes and check on my phone. I open Google Search and type in, “pain in my feet from toe to heel”.

“If your pain is in your heel, you may have plantar fasciitis. That’s an irritation or inflammation of the band of tissue connecting the heel bone to the toes. Usually, it hurts the worst in the morning when you’re getting out of bed… Wear shoes with good arch support and a cushioned sole…”

Wow, that’s it. I have “Plantar Fasciitis.”

“Wear shoes with good arch support.”

I’m not sure my leather dress shoes or work boots are going to be able to do that, and I can’t wear runners to work. There must be a way I can get help. I need to find someone that can help me, someone that has experience in solving my “Plantar Fasciitis” problem.

Understanding Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms and How to Manage Them

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