Tips for keeping feet happy in the office

Beth Fechner (Podiatrist Leichhardt and Marrickville Clinics) has created a list of tips and exercises to help keep your feet happy in the office.

(1) Wear runners or walking shoes for your commute

(2) Don’t sit for too long! Try to get up at least once an hour for a glass of water, collecting paper from the printer, a toilet break etc

(3) Exercise your feet & legs at the desk:

  • pump your feet up and down to encourage blood to flow back up to your heart
  • train your intrinsic foot muscles by spreading your toes up and apart, then place your feet on the ground & either picking up a pencil or hand towel/t-shirt with your toes.
  • If you have arch or heel pain, keep a spiky massage ball or mini-roller under our desk to massage the muscles and ligaments under your arch.

(4) Move during your break to counteract the time spent sitting during office hours. Consider a walk, run, gym session or class during your lunch break, before/after work. The above exercises are a great way to warm up!

(5) Keep your orthotics up to date. Over time our foot shape and mechanics change, so if you are experiencing any foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip or lower back discomfort, it is time to have your orthotics reassessed at the Foot Alignment Clinic.

Happy Feet Exercises 1
Foot Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis by Beth Fechner

by Beth Fechner (Podiatrist leichhardt and Marrickville)

Originally from Melbourne, Podiatrist Beth Fechner completed her studies at La Trobe University in 2008. She studied Podiatry to help people with pain and keep them active. Beth has worked in Hobart and Sydney, mostly in private practice. She spent 2 years at the Royal Hobart Hospital working with “high risk feet” – people at risk of ulcers or amputation. Beth has experience working with people of all activity levels, from pre-schoolers to 90+ year olds.

Beth can be contacted in our Marrickville and Leichhardt Clinics.