New-Machine-009Poor rehabilitation is the most common cause for long term pain after ankle injuries and ankle sprain. Failure to regain normal movement, strength and stamina may result in a faulty foot posture, abnormal biomechanics, altered gait and hence irritation of the body’s tissues.

Custom orthotics designed to support the foot in its optimal position reduces the stress on the ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles. An appropriate exercise program is of equal importance. Neil has been developing his technique over the last two decades and is so confident in its application that each pair of orthotics supplied by our clinic has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If your feet are on a stable, well supported platform with custom designed pressure to support your arch, toes and heels. You have the best chance for ankle realignment rehabilitation.

Neil, Gavin and Melanie collaborate to create a clinic dedicated to providing a scientific and biomechanical solution to foot, lower limb and spinal pain.

IMG_1710We are a clinic that solely makes Orthotics using The Foot Alignment System. This patented device allows us to correct and align your feet while you stand, giving you an Orthotic that is extremely comfortable and accurate.

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