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According to the Physiotherapy Board of Australia, Physiotherapists are required to continually upgrade their professional knowledge and skills to ensure the contribution they make to healthcare is of the highest standard.

To encourage members to participate in appropriate professional development activities, The Foot Alignment Clinic has created a training system that is compliant with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program required for all members.

The program has been designed to meet quality standards relating to:

• the rationale for the course
• the definition of the target audience
• prerequisite learning
• objectives and expected outcomes
• content
• evaluation
• follow up activities.

The 6 hour course is run on Saturday mornings and has been developed to cover

  1. The patient
  2. The VFAS
  3. Marking for correct alignment
  4. Casting and Foot Aligners
  5. Orthotics Production.

Each member of the course will create a pair of Foot Aligners and have a pair of Foot Aligners created for them that they can take home.