What is the process we follow?

Neil Smith standing next to the Vertical Foot Alignment System VFAS

The Foot Alignment Clinic

Neil, Beth, Lenore, and Gavin have collaboratively established a clinic that is focused on scientifically-backed and biomechanically-informed solutions for foot, lower limb, and spinal pain.

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Clinic’s Objective

Our clinic’s primary objective is to meticulously assess and diagnose the root cause of each patient’s pain or dysfunction. Subsequently, we provide a corrective weight-bearing orthotic designed to realign the body, starting from the feet upwards. Our commitment is to ensure a biomechanically balanced posture and to offer comprehensive rehabilitation guidelines for both the patient and their referring practitioner, when applicable.

The Foot Alignment Process - marking the lines

Our Approach

We employ the Vertical Foot Alignment System in our approach. When a patient visits our clinic, they undergo a thorough biomechanical assessment, gait analysis, and posture diagnosis. This evaluation delves into the intricacies of the feet, knees, hips, and back. Factors such as foot posture, muscle equilibrium, leg rotation, pelvic orientation, and discrepancies in leg length are all taken into account.

We mark the lines on your feet to show a visual centre for the bio-mechanical assessment.

Neil Smith using the Vertical Foot Alignment System
  • Patient presents to clinic for a bio-mechanical assessment, gait analysis and posture diagnosis.
  • An assessment is conducted to find out what is going on with the feet, knees, hips or back.
  • We take into consideration the foot posture, muscle balance, internal/external rotation of leg, pelvic orientation and leg length discrepancies.
  • A computerised gait analysis is conducted on the treadmill. The patient is then able to see on the screen how their feet are tracking and where they are placing pressure on their feet whilst walking.
Foot Alignment Process
Computerized Gait Assessment

For a more detailed analysis, we utilize a computerized gait assessment on a treadmill. This allows patients to visually comprehend their foot trajectory and pressure points during walking, displayed on a monitor. If necessary, this report can be electronically shared with the patient and their referring medical or allied health professional.

Footwear Assessment

We encourage patients to bring their preferred footwear to the clinic, enabling us to assess its design and suitability for their feet. Following the assessment, if orthotics are deemed necessary, an impression of the patient’s feet is taken.

Foot aligner custom orthotic showing exact match
Orthotic Crafting and Fitting

During this process, the patient stands on the VFAS device, allowing the practitioner to align and adjust their feet. This interactive session ensures the patient can provide real-time weight bearing feedback regarding comfort and fit before the impression is finalized.

A depiction of our custom orthotic showcases its precision alignment. All orthotics are bespoke and crafted in-house under the meticulous supervision of Neil. Typically, the production time ranges from one to two weeks. Upon completion, patients return for a fitting session. They are advised to bring their chosen footwear, and the orthotics are tailored to fit seamlessly. Any necessary modifications are made during this appointment.

Patients are provided with detailed guidelines on the usage of the orthotics. Additionally, some may receive specific stretching exercises to enhance the effectiveness of the orthotics.

Instructions on how to wear them in are given and some patients are given stretching exercises as well to compliment the orthotics.