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Custom Orthotics replace the inner soles of your shoes. They correct the alignment and pressure on your feet. Shelf bought inner soles may assist by adding another layer of cushioning for your feet and may temporarily assist with foot pain. But they are not attacking the cause of the problem. Our custom orthotics are designed to match the outline of your feet while they are weight bearing. They apply specific pressure to create a change. We are able to manipulate the pressure areas of your feet that will change your alignment and reduce pressure on areas of concern.

The best way to understand how this works is to remember the last time you hurt your feet and had foot pain. If you kicked your toe, stepped on a rock or glass and cut your feet, you immediately change the way you apply weight to your feet. You limp to put more weight on the other foot. You could turn your foot inwards to carry the weight on the outside of your feet. You could walk more on your heel or your toes to try to alleviate the pain and symptoms.

You should always be fitted by an experienced VerticalFAS weight bearing orthotic therapist

Custom orthotics can achieve the same result. We remove the inner soles from your shoes and replace them with custom orthotics. When you stand with custom orthotics inside your shoes, we are able to scientifically change the angle and pressure of the ground. We apply pressure that will change the height and angle of your feet. We can apply more pressure to your arch for flat feet and plantar fasciitis pain or relieve pressure on your injured toes or heel. We are able to increase or reduce the pressure on areas of your feet. This is not guesswork. We use the VerticalFAS invented by Neil Smith more than 10 years ago.

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Neil Smith began his career in orthotics as a trainee Orthotic Laboratory Technician at the age of 16 when the industry was in its infancy. After 10 years in the profession, and manufacturing thousands of Orthotics using many different techniques, he was accepted into university to study Podiatry. While there, he gained a better understanding of human biomechanics and realized that the widely-used prescription method for Orthotics could not be truly accurate unless the patient was assessed – and their stance corrected – while bearing their own weight. Such a system would eliminate the inevitable variations that occur when different technicians execute a Podiatrist’s Orthotic prescription form. Neil knew there must be a better way and was determined to find it. After countless weekends and late nights, the revolutionary The Foot Alignment System was born.

An Orthotic works by forcing your foot into its most anatomically aligned position, which also has an effect on your upper body, allowing it to function in an optimum way.

The technology behind custom orthotics has progressed from the original plaster bandage mold. Podiatrist use to make an Orthotic by applying a plaster bandage wrapped around your foot while you’re sitting or lying down on your back or stomach, not weight bearing. Your foot is then held in its neutral position so it lines up with the rest of your leg. The cast is then balanced, poured and modified by adding plaster to the positive cast which is done to try and replicate what your foot would look like in a Corrected Weight Bearing Position, which is a calculated guess at best.

The Vertical Foot Alignment System (VerticalFAS) works because of the patented Rear foot, Forefoot and Arch Alignment Curves, which force the three segments of your foot into their corrected position. No two feet are the same, so the shape and force needed on each foot is different.

Because the feet are corrected and aligned in a weight-bearing position the forces and the shape of the orthotic are extremely accurate. When the custom orthotic replaces your shelf bought inner soles, your feet are very comfortable and corrected.

Research conducted at Latrobe University in Melbourne with 23 Podiatry students issued with The Foot Alignment System orthotics and traditional Non-Weight Bearing orthotics showed that 22 students preferred The Foot Alignment System orthotics with one having no preference to either.

We are able to help you, but only if you make an appointment and let us find the problem with your feet. Please use the contact form above and we will be in contact with you.

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