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[column md=”6″ hide_xs=”false” hide_sm=”false” hide_md=”false” hide_lg=”false”]If you think all orthotics are the same then think again. At The Foot Alignment Clinic, Neil Smith’s internationally patented “Foot Alignment System” is used to adjust each patient’s foot and hence re-align their lower limb into its preferred biomechanical position.

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Neil has been developing this technique over the last two decades and is so confident in its application that each pair of custom orthotics supplied by our clinic has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Custom Orthotic Products

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The Foot Alignment Clinic is dedicated to providing a scientific and biomechanical solution to foot, lower limb and spinal pain.

We are a clinic that solely makes Orthotics using The Foot Alignment System. This patented device allows us to correct and align your feet while you stand,giving you a Custom Orthotic that is extremely comfortable and accurate.

Are you completely satisfied with your existing orthotics? Or are they?

  • Uncomfortable
  • Unable to fix your pain
  • Difficult to run in
  • Don’t suit my fashion shoes

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