Uncorrected Standing Front View
Uncorrected Back View
Corrected Front View
Corrected Back View
  1. The practitioner will examine your feet and legs.
  2. Lines will be marked across the top of your feet and the back of your heel.
  3. The lines help to measure the adjustment needed to correct your alignment when using the VerticalFAS.
  4. You will be asked to stand on the foot pads and use the handles for support.
  5. The lines help the practitioner to correct your posture by realignment using the VerticalFAS.
  6. When the appropriate angles and adjustments have been made, you will be ready to add footaligners or plaster cast to the VFAS.
  7. The footaligners and casts are made while you are standing, weight bearing with appropriate pressure being applied.
  8. The results are corrected weight bearing orthotics, custom molded to your feet every time.
The Foot Alignment Process - marking the lines

Neil, Beth, Lenore and Gavin collaborate to create a clinic dedicated to providing a scientific and biomechanical solution to foot, lower limb and spinal pain.

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The aim of our clinic is to assess and diagnose the cause of each patients pain or dysfunction, provide a corrective weight bearing orthotic to realign the body from the feet up to

We aim to provide a biomechanically balanced and efficient posture & provide rehabilitation guidelines for the patient and their referring practitioner (if appropriate).

The Foot Alignment Process - marking the lines