Questions for Our Sydney Podiatrists

A list of our latest questions:
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Large pink Quote - qHi I’m having all sorts of trouble with my knees and saw an orthopaedic surgeon who recommended orthotics. I looked you guys up on google and after reading through your website feel you can help my problem. If you could give me a call back so we can arrange an appointment. 

Large pink Quote - qHi, could you possibly give me some pricing for a flat feet assessment and orthotics?

Large pink Quote - qI am after a Sydney Podiatrist, and I have been recommended to see Beth, when is the next available appointment?

Large pink Quote - qHello I been suffering from sore feet for 40 years can some body fix them thank you

Large pink Quote - qHow long typically do you think it takes for orthotics to start having an effect on the knee, so it starts to correct itself ?

Large pink Quote - qI am currently receiving treatment for pain in heel by physio for past 3 weeks who believes my orthotics need to be looked at.

Large pink Quote - qDo you ship to the US or is there someone in the states, Texas, that performs similar procedure?

Large pink Quote - qWanting to add a shoe rise of 1.5cm. May I know the price

Large pink Quote - qI would like to see someone specialised in the gait/posture of children. They each have different issues I would like checked

Large pink Quote - qI have Sore Ankles after running, can you help?

Large pink Quote - qI have a child with a plantar wart (I believe). We also would like to have a biomechanical assessment as we have noticed that he doesn’t run correctly.

Large pink Quote - qOur very active 7 yr old has been struggling and been in discomfort with soccer the last couple months due to heel and ankle pain. Our GP advises he believes it is severs disease. His feet seem quite flat while calfs are tight. Do you have any specialists for such issues that can assess him and advise solutions to assist healing and address any bio mechanical issues?

Large pink Quote - qI urgently need an upgrade/assessment of my current orthotics. Can make appointments at Leichhardt or Macquarie Street

Large pink Quote - qHi there, I would like to make an appointment to get orthotics fitted.
Your locations in Leichhardt or Marrickville would be ideal for me.

Large pink Quote - qI would like to make an appointment at your Marrickville clinic please. I have sharp pain in my right heel when I walk.

Large pink Quote - qI have flat feet and custom made insoles to correct them. However, these insoles are very worn/damaged and basically useless now, so am looking to get some new ones prescribed and made for. Can I come in for a consolation about this?

Large pink Quote - qIt is time that I replaced my worn out orthotics obtained from you a few hundred years ago! Embarrassing really!! Need to make an appointment to get some more magic!!

Large pink Quote - qI am hoping to make an appointment to see a podiatrist for insole fitting. Are you open on Saturdays and if so, would you have availability tomorrow?

Large pink Quote - qCould I make an appointment for 6pm one night next week? My new orthotics are ok on my left foot where I have the plantar fasciitis but it is digging in to my arch on my right foot and it’s uncomfortable.

Large pink Quote - qI would like my son to see a podiatrist ASAP, he had an ingrown toe and I’d like an appraisal of his alignment. Earliest appointment please.

Large pink Quote - qHi there, hoping to book an appointment in Leichhardt clinic this week to look at my bunions. Ideally early or late appointment, Friday. Or Saturday anytime if possible. Please send some times.

Large pink Quote - qHi I need to see a podiatrist ASAP. I am in Sydney and ideally first thing Sunday morning. I have an going issue but I can’t get it seen till next week and the pain tonight is bad. I can come in at short notice.

Large pink Quote - qWanted to make a booking to get an updated set of orthotics. We can see Neil in the City (ideally early in the morning) or could do Leichardt later in the afternoon depending on commitments

Large pink Quote - qWould like to enquire how much are the insoles or appointments?