Foot Alignment Clinic LogoA majority of people have a measurable leg length difference of 5mm or more, although most people adapt to the difference with no apparent ill effects. Unfortunately, some do not, and the effects range from low back or sacroiliac pain to hip, knee, or foot problems. A number of causes can contribute to leg length discrepancy, including: Any bone in the leg ever broken, particularly during growth years, Congenital differences or uneven growth, Disease-caused shortening of the muscles and connective tissue, a common after-effect of polo. Surgically-induced differences, especially common after hip replacement surgery, Compensation for problems elsewhere in the body, such as pelvic or spinal scoliosis. Short leg syndrome or anatomical (structural) or functional (adaptive) leg length discrepancy, is often treated using custom orthotics. A CT scanogram is routine for diagnosing leg length difference.