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Custom made weight bearing orthotics using the patented Vertical Foot Alignment System

Do I Need Custom Weight Bearing Orthotics?

If you suffer from misalignment pain in your feet and legs, the corrective action of Custom Weight Bearing Orthotics can relieve your pain. If you suffer from flat feet and shin splints, Custom Weight Bearing Orthotics can relieve your pain. The only way to really know if our Sydney Clinics can help to relieve your suffering is to make an appointment and have an assessment.

Our clinicians will examine your feet and legs, your shoes and watch you walk. They will explain their findings and work with you to develop a solution. Custom Weight Bearing Orthotics provide long lasting pain relief and correction for biomechanical foot problems.

We provide the only true Weight Bearing Custom Orthotic solution in Sydney while you are standing.

Corrected Weight Bearing VFAS

Our Sydney Clinics Othotics Process


A scientific and biomechanical solution to foot,lower limb and spinal pain.


VFAS patented technology forces the segments of your foot into their corrected position


The lines help to measure the adjustment needed to correct your alignment using the VFAS


Introductory evaluation of a weight bearing neutral position casting device.

Custom Sydney orthotics using the VFAS

Never thought after 2nd run of Plantar Fascitis that I was ever going to walk comfortably again, was so frustrated. Neil gave me reassurance, quality innovative product/orthotics (what a genius!) and all with a friendly persona, what a great experience, have moved to the south coast and will travel back just to see Neil, thank you for changing my life for the better!!

Melinda Hodgins

Plantar Fasciitis Pain

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